Experience Interactive
Self-Service with Elo

Self-Service Solutions Made Easy

As consumer journeys evolve, so do the store concepts. Our versatile, modular
solutions offer innovative ways to adapt your experience easily to meet consumers’ changing behavior.

  • Self-Checkout (SCO)

    Self-Checkout (SCO)

  • Self-Ordering


  • Endless Aisle

  • Product Information

  • Price Checker

  • Registry

  • Access Control

    Access Control

  • Customer Loyalty

    Customer Loyalty

  • 3%

    A Harvard Business Review study shows a 7 second reduction in average service time, which has been linked to an increase in market share of up to 3%.

  • 60%

    A recent industry study suggests that 60% of shoppers would visit a limited-service concept more often if self-service solutions were available, and this trend is growing fastest among millennials who are more reluctant to deal directly with cashiers.

  • 30%

    The increase in consumer spending when ordering through self-service kiosks.

Wellness-Check Access Control Kiosk

Wellness-Check Access Control Kiosk

Elo can help simplify access control and visitor management with wellness-check access control solutions. With Elo’s modular platform, you can easily deploy a wellness questionnaire using EloView® and a temperature reader to provide initial, real-time checks prior to entry for self-service employee and guest screening.

The Elo screens are well designed with a great build — they’re very strong and fit perfectly onto our kiosks. Elo has put a lot of consideration into the design of their touchscreens and really focused on the detail. Elements like the clever recessed and covered cable storage compartments built into the back of the monitors, or how the cable is routed, definitely make a huge difference to how compact and clean our kiosks now look. This attention to detail has really helped us create a more engaging and seamless experience that we want all our customers to have.

Wesley Clemson

Founder, Printible

Everything You Need to Drive Your Business

  • Choose


    Choose from Android,
    Windows or Linux operating
    systems on an extensive range
    of interactive touchscreens
    from 7" – 65"

  • Configure


    Mount vertical or horizontal and
    combine with our EdgeConnect
    technology and modular peripheral
    devices to allow configuration into
    multiple solutions

  • Connect & Control

    Connect & Control

    Deploy and securely manage
    content across your entire
    network of Android-powered
    devices from anywhere
    around the world with our
    EloView cloud software

Elo Edge Connect™ Lets You do More!

Built with versatility in mind, the Elo Edge Connect system offers a wide assortment of peripheral options. Whether for endless aisle, self-order or collaboration applications, you can seamlessly attach any combination of up to four peripherals to the edge of the touchscreen creating a bespoke solution. And, you can add or move them later as your needs change!

Elo Edge Connect – Let’s You Do More!







Mount with Flexibility

From compact to sleek, Elo’s lineup of hardware mounts, brackets and stands meet the need of nearly every requirement in your modern environment. Allowing you to configure the exact mounting solution that fits your needs.

  • Countertop


  • Floorstand


  • Brackets


Connect & Control

EloView allows you to deploy and securely manage your entire network of Android-powered interactive signage, point-of-sale systems and kiosks – from anywhere around the world. You can deploy content, manage settings and maintain the OS to reduce operating costs while increasing up-time and security. The EloView architecture allows you to leverage your current investments in mobile and web assets. Simply push your apps and responsive websites via the EloView portal. EloView’s modular system is designed to integrated with your business to enable smarter content distribution and device management abilities alongside your existing CMS platforms and MDM tools.


Why Elo for Self-Service?

Elo help brands and businesses stay measurably connected to their increasingly digital customers all over the world, everyday.

  • Original Inventor of the Touchscreen

    Original Inventor of
    the Touchscreen

  • Millions of Installations Worldwide

    Millions of
    Installations Worldwide

  • Purpose-built for Commercial Use

    Purpose-built for
    Commercial Use

  • Choose the Size & Style

    Choose the Size & Style
    that will Fit Your Needs

  • EloView

    Secure Platform for Remote Content
    Deployment & Device Management

  • Network Of Partners

    Our Network Of Partners Allows Us to Create
    the Perfect Interactive Experience For You

Custom Self-Service Solutions

We understand it takes more than just the right hardware to create the perfect solution. That’s why we have an entire ecosystem of kiosk, software, payment and peripheral partners to scope the perfect interactive experience for you.