Touchscreens for every in store experience.

Align every touchpoint across your store.

Discover touchscreen
POS systems.

POS solutions that fit your business.

solutions made easy.

Versatile self-service platform designed to adapt to consumers’ changing behavior.

Interactive solutions for grocery stores.

Enhance the grocery shopping experience with interactive solutions that increase customer engagement, enable self-service and promote brand loyalty.

Increase restaurant efficiency.

From POS and self-order to kitchen automation and smart appliances, Elo enables solutions for every application.

Create a connected
work environment.

Self-Service Access Control and wayfinding to collaboration displays and lobby signage.

Enhance patient care
where it matters.

Streamline your healthcare administration and enhance the patient experience.

Signage designed for interaction.

Captivate your audience with high-impact experiences.

Automation for industry 4.0.

Enable fully automated processes from commercial kitchens to car factories with a new set of connected, interactive devices.

Essentials for Android.

Deliver the convenience and familiarity of Android in secure, business-friendly solutions.

Products for every
level of integration.

From design and engineering to prototyping and production, partner with Elo experts to create your industrial device.

Create a first-class
customer experience.

From check in and flight information to on demand customer service, Elo makes it easy to increase customer satisfaction and keep travelers informed.

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Whether you are building your solution from the ground up or want an amazing out-of-the-box experience, Elo has the right solution for you.

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