Elo Pay delivers fast,
secure and scalable
payment services.

Elo Pay offers comprehensive payment services that
enables merchants to process transactions with
confidence. With access to multiple payment
applications, end-to-end encryption, secure
tokenization, robust terminal management services
(TMS) and easy to use APIs for quick integration,
merchants can get started quickly and securely.

Elo Pay

Accepting payments on Elo devices
has never been easier with Elo Pay.

Elo Pay offers an out-of-the-box payment services solution with
ease of integration to support ISVs, enterprise retailers and
small to midsize merchants.

  • Accept payments securely and immediately
  • Easy to use APIs for quick integration
  • Connect to the entire Elo payment terminal
    line with one integration
  • Access to multiple processors
  • Allow merchants to accept card not
    present payments
  • Fully-integrated and semi-integrated
    payment apps
  • Fully secured payment terminals with
    remote encryption key management

Whether you require a fully integrated app or a semi-
integrated app to Elo's Payment Terminals, we have
you covered with multiple integration options and
the necessary JSON APIs to deliver the payment
experience your solution requires.

Grow your business with
Elo Pay payment services.

Elo Pay helps to ensure that your terminal is always ready
with rapid service availability and ultra-high speed
performance. Remotely manage one or thousands of
payment terminals, including firmware updates for security
and EMV compliance, with Elo Pay's centralized platform.

Remote Key
Injection (RKI)

Automatically and securely
complete payment
terminal key injection at
the point of sale.

End to End
Encryption (E2EE)

E2EE secures the transmission
of sensitive cardholder data to
prevent third parties from
accessing it.


For all cards presented at Elo
terminals, a unique identifier,
known as a token, is securely
created and provided for
reference during future card-not-
present transactions.

Mobile Device

Easily load the Elo Pay
application, POS software
and other mobile apps on
your Elo payment terminals
through EloView.

Multiple MID

Board and manage multiple
MIDs on a single account
and consolidate reporting,
manage branches, organize
products and more.

Terminal Configuration

Connect each terminal to
your merchant account and
select terminal settings
such as tip prompting and
accepted card types
through the Elo Pay TMS.

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