Simplify operations
and elevate CX with
unified grocery store
technology solutions.

As consumer shopping habits continue to evolve and drive more demand for unified grocery store technology, the need for flexible solutions is greater than ever. With Elo’s broad range of modular touchscreen solutions you can create the omni-channel experience customers want while streamlining operations to minimize burden on employees.

Image of Grocery POS system

Connect your operations
with interactive grocery
store POS displays.

Choosing the right grocery POS system requires a comprehensive assessment of performance, durability, scalability and the total cost of ownership. With the unique requirements of various in-store departments - from the bakery and order pickup to self-service kiosks and traditional checkout lanes - a versatile platform that can adapt to various configurations is important. Elo offers one of the largest commercial grade grocery store POS system line ups on the market.

Image of Grocery POS system Image of Grocery POS system

Drive upsells with a
price checker kiosk
that does more.

Grocers are transforming grocery store price checkers beyond the boundaries of price checking by offering multiple conveniences on one platform. From endless aisle and point-of-information to assisted selling and personalized item recommendations, leverage price checkers to drive sales like never before.

Image of restaurant POS system

Boost efficiency in store
with mobile computers
for grocery stores.

From line-busting and inventory management to BOPIS and scan and go shopping, mobile computers offer a strategic advantage for employees and customers. Elo’s enterprise-grade Android mobile computers offer you the versatility you need across the store.

Image of grocery store mobile computers
Mobile POS
Mobile grocery store
POS for line busting.
Handheld Scanner
Handheld grocery
scanner for inventory
Mobile POS
Mobile POS for scan
and go shopping.
Mobile Computer
Grocery store mobile
computer for BOPIS.

Put the customer
in control with

Easy to use self-checkout systems put the customer in control to help boost sales, reduce operational costs and free up your staff to deliver enhanced customer service. Elo’s portfolio of touchscreen solutions offer the versatility to create a fully configured self-checkout system or ability to integrate into a third party design.

Image of grocery store self-checkout

Discover the power of
grocery store shelf talkers.

Strategically placed, grocery store shelf-talkers offer endless possibilities for enhancing the shopping experience and improving conversion. From communicating in-store promotions and advertisements, to sharing digital coupons and creating upsell opportunities with product recommendations, Elo’s interactive grocery store technology solutions deliver the perfect fit for digital shelf talkers.

Image of restaurant POS system

Drive interaction in store
with interactive grocery
store digital signage.

Interactive digital signage does more than just delivering a message, it captivates and drives brand interaction. Available from 10 to 65 inches, Elo’s grocery store digital signage can be leveraged across the store for wayfinding, advertising, endless aisle and more.

Image of restaurant POS system

Offer a quick, convenient
and frictionless alternative
with smart pick-up cabinets.

Elo‘s modern, open-frame touchscreens, ranging from 10 to 43 inches, provide the commercial-grade durability that many of the leading third-party integrators rely on.

Image of restaurant POS system

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