Quality that is worth it.

By choosing Elo, you gain more than just a product; you gain a partner deeply committed
to delivering reliable solutions for your business. Designed with intention, we engineer
each product with the goal to help minimize the total cost of ownership and provide long-
term support that can enhance the sustainability of your systems and operations.

Rest easy knowing
you're in good hands.

As an IT professional, the job to maintain uninterrupted operations falls squarely on your
shoulders. At Elo, we understand this and provide not just technology; we offer peace of
mind. Our products are designed for dependability and seamless integration into your
business. They are tools you can rely on, fostering growth and innovation within your role.
With Elo, your investment extends beyond the product to a relationship grounded in
support and shared success, ensuring we are with you every step of the way.

Elo's hardware is renowned for its durability and
longevity. It offers retailers a reliable and long-lasting
solution for their technology needs. By investing in Elo's
hardware, retailers can benefit from a product and name
built to withstand the demands of daily use. 

Brad Fick, President, Direct Source

Elo’s products are widely recognized for their high
reliability. Elo’s commitment to delivering superior
products and standing behind them is a key factor in
our decision to partner with Elo for our solutions.

Jennifer Karpinsky, VP of Business Development, QSR Automations

At Spencer, we love working with Elo as their product
quality is top notch. The reliability and longevity of
their product, paired with a first-class customer
experience makes working with Elo a pleasure for all
of us at Spencer.

Nate Strickler, VP of Strategic Accounts, Spencer Technologies

The longevity of our collaboration is a testament to
the exceptional qualities and unwavering commitment
that Elo has consistently demonstrated throughout our
partnership. The reliability and quality of their products,
coupled with their dedication to customer satisfaction,
have established them as a cornerstone in the industry.

Alan Goldenberg, President, PC xtra

Over the years, Elo quickly has become a household
name here at Volante Systems with excellent customer
service. Businesses can trust Elo's products to deliver
reliable performance and durability, thanks to their
unwavering commitment to maintaining a high
standard of quality across all aspects of their offerings.

Jesse Aghahowa, Director of Hardware Operations, Volante

Signifi has been committed to using Elo for all
its touchscreen solutions for almost two decades.
Three things have stayed consistent throughout
this period: high quality of products, great service,
and durability of the screens.

Shamira Jaffer, CEO, Signifi

Quality is the fundamental
non-negotiable of Elo.

At Elo, quality isn't just a feature; it's our foundational promise to you. Since 1971, Elo has
stood by its commitment to quality, a principle that infuses our organization. We
painstakingly select, design, and test each component, ensuring every piece, from the
motherboard to the software stack, embodies the essence of Elo's quality. Our dedication
to superior materials and craftsmanship lies at the heart of our manufacturing, reinforced
by rigorous quality-control practices. This dedication is our guarantee of excellence,
helping ensure that every Elo product you receive surpasses your expectations of quality
and performance. Your decision to trust us extends beyond our products; it reflects your
confidence in our brand.

Elo’s Culture of Quality

"Our customers depend on Elo's reliable technology to power their businesses every day. We understand that zero downtime is not just a goal—it's a necessity. Quality has been the backbone of Elo for decades, and in industries where technology is crucial to operational success, especially in point-of-sale and payment processing, reliability is paramount. With over 50 years of proven experience, Elo is a symbol of quality and trust."

Craig Witsoe
Chief Executive Officer

Elo’s Design Quality

“Elo excels in developing high-quality, durable hardware tailored for commercial use. Our design practices and testing plans are world-class, ensuring our products meet the demanding expectations of our clients. We meticulously calculate and test every capacitor for lifespan and derating to exceed industry standards. Additionally, our products are designed for longevity, which includes a multi-year security update schedule, helping to ensure sustained reliability and performance.”

Ken North
VP Engineering

Elo’s Execution of Quality

"Our commitment to quality encompasses every aspect of how we design, manufacture, and deliver our hardware and software solutions. Our robust Quality Management System ensures the highest quality standards, and it is our dedicated team that brings them to life daily."

Niklas Fallgren
Chief Operations Officer

Elo’s Vision of Quality

"Quality at Elo is the result of a deliberate strategy honed over five decades. Our products are designed to consistently perform, supporting our customers' businesses every day. 'Elo Quality'
underpins every product, defining our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction."

Neeraj Pendse
VP Product Management

Comprehensive Testing —
Crafting Products Built to Last

We conduct exhaustive tests on every product, assessing every detail from full system
functionality and environmental resilience to regulatory compliance and user experience.
This ensures each product meets our standard of unparalleled quality and durability.

  • Full system functionality testing
  • Touchscreen accuracy and customer experience testing
  • Vibration and drop testing
  • EMI, ESD, HALT and power noise immunity testing
  • Global and regional regulatory testing
  • Display quality, uniformity, brightness, burn-in and ghosting testing

Reliability is at the
heart of the Elo promise.

At the heart of our brand lies the promise to deliver products
engineered to excel under demanding, daily use. By offering
products built to last, we enhance the efficiency, productivity,
and scalability of your operations. Our commitment to
reliability is more than mere words—it embodies the essence
of our brand. At Elo, touchscreens are not just what we make;
they stand as a testament to who we are.

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