At Elo, we believe that global operations, quality control and supply chain management differentiate Elo and create value for our customers. Our pursuit of supply chain excellence challenges us to think of new and innovative ways to plan, build and deliver Elo’s world-class portfolio of products and services. With our global network of factories, suppliers and logistics solutions continually being tested by the demands of our markets, environment and customers, the ability to think creatively, solve problems and collaborate in our team is key. If you are interested in joining a global and dynamic team of supply chain professionals, this is the right place for you.

I love working for Elo for many reasons. I feel challenged and empowered in my position. I am constantly learning every day. Our products are superior to the competition and our reputation reflects that. Our leadership team is transparent and clear with the direction we’re heading as a company so the expectations are well communicated and understood. Above all else, I absolutely love the people I work with. It’s such a fun culture that strikes a perfect balance between professional and enjoyable.

- Product Manager, Global Services