The Elo 1509L 15.6-inch widescreen LED touchscreen monitor delivers a low-profile, retail-hardened solution with a pure glass construction to allow high light transmission without compromising durability or functionality. Available with IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave (SAW) offering single touch capacity, the 1509 has been "built for touch" offering an ideal solution for general applications including hospitality and retail environments.

Integrated touch.

With no moving parts to wear out, the 1509 offers a touch response that is fast, accurate, and drift-free using a finger, gloved hand, or soft stylus.

Flexible mounting.

The touchscreen monitor can be affixed to a counter, or when the stand is removed, mounted on a wall or to a pole, and with the LED backlight power consumption is significantly reduced.

Commercial grade.

The 15.6-inch touchscreen monitor delivers the quality and reliability Elo is known for and is backed by our two-year standard warranty. All of our products go through rigorous reliability testing (over 20 tests) to deliver 50,000 MTBF.  

Other features.
  • Sleek and modern widescreen design with built-for-touch reliability
  • Energy savings using LED technology
  • Pure, clear glass touchscreen for superior picture quality
  • Removable stand allows the monitor to be mounted on a wall or to a pole (via VESA bracket)
  • Fixable to counter for extra security
  • Optional, field-installable magnetic stripe reader (MSR)
  • Touchscreen is sealed for resistance to water, dust, grease


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