November 17, 2023

Delhaize puts the customer first with its unique shopping experience

Delhaize puts the customer first with its unique shopping experience

Grocery store kiosk image

Belgian food retailer Delhaize is pioneering the integration of digital technology for a better in-store experience for both customers and staff. With the recent launch of their new SuperPlus loyalty card, Delhaize also renewed their shop concept and focus on sustainability.

With 800 stores, an extensive range of 20,000 quality products and more than 32,000 employees, Delhaize De Leeuw is a major European food retail player. Innovation, inspiration and convenience are the foundation of Delhaize’s store concept, where various digital applications integrate seamlessly. One example is the Android-based self-service kiosks Delhaize places conveniently around their stores, allowing customers to upgrade or sign up for the new SuperPlus loyalty card.

From Plus to SuperPlus, a loyalty card to benefit your health

The new Delhaize SuperPlus loyalty card is ground-breaking, with its focus on nutrition scores and encouraging a healthy diet. With it, the customer enjoys more benefits than before, including extra discounts and bonus points when purchasing products with the highest nutrition scores. “It is a new digital experience whereby customers as members of a loyalty club get all the benefits of the card via an app on their smartphones," said Xavier Piesvaux, CEO of Delhaize. Online as well as in the app, customers can keep track of the savings they made by opting for the healthier choice, and they also see product recommendations that boost both discounts and their health.

With this program, Delhaize is giving a clear sign of its priority to help customers develop healthier eating habits through a more balanced diet, whatever their budget. It is among a wide range of initiatives Delhaize brands within its aim to reward customers for making healthy choices.

Accessibility for all customers

To ensure the new SuperPlus card and its many advantages are accessible to everyone also to those who prefer not to go online or use an app, Delhaize invested in more than 600 self-service kiosks, spread out over as many stores. The kiosks allow customer to register for a SuperPlus card, which they can choose to be a physical card or digital within the app, or for current loyalty program members, to upgrade to SuperPlus.

“Not everyone has a smartphone, or wants to install another app. To allow these customers to take advantage of the advantages of our new card as well, we chose to place a kiosk in the shop. The self-service kiosk makes the SuperPlus loyalty card accessible to everyone.” explained Roel Dekelver, external communication at Delhaize. At the kiosks, customers can at any time check their loyalty points balance and turn points into discounts.

Smart self-service deployment

Delhaize is not only on the forefront when it comes to the new loyalty card promoting healthier options, the company is also following an increasing trend in in-store technology by choosing Android as operating system. The kiosks are equipped with Elo 22-inch I-Series Android touchscreens, installed by long-term Elo partner and authorized distributor DOBIT.

“We installed all the kiosks in a matter of weeks," said Frank Dehouck, Project Manager at DOBIT. "It was a challenging project made flawless by the EloView remote management platform and the Android Enterprise operating system." It was pure plug and play: As soon as the kiosk had power and an Internet connection, it automatically retrieved the correct application and entered kiosk mode, ensuring users could not break out of the application in any way. Frank adds. "Thanks to Android Enterprise and EloView, we have control over the entire kiosk network at all times".