June 14, 2016


New Android POS line brings true commercial durability and style to mPOS with new Flip Stand, commercial-grade POS connections and cloud-based monitoring system

MILPITAS, Calif. — June 14, 2016 — Elo, a global supplier of touchscreen solutions, today announced the availability of the Android I-Series for point of sale (POS) fixed tablets. The Android-based POS system delivers the style, simplicity and power of an Android-based tablet with the enterprise-grade durability, longer lifecycles, larger display sizes and versatile connectivity required for retail and hospitality environments.

“Our exciting new I-Series Android mPOS fills a huge unmet need in the retail and hospitality markets. Our partner ISVs [independent software vendors] and end customers have been waiting for just this type of solution,” said Craig Witsoe, CEO of Elo. “The cost and simplicity of mPOS has made it increasingly popular, but it has lacked true commercial design, durability and the long product lifecycles that Elo brings. We have also paired the Android OS with our EloView system, which enables ISVs, retailers or restaurants to remotely load and update their software, as well as monitor the status and health of their POS terminals.”

I-Series Android mPOS is designed to handle high throughput demand with a powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Quad-Core Android processor for faster transactions and application run-time. Multiple configuration options include a high brightness touchscreen in 10-, 15.6- or 21.5-inch sizes, POS expansion ports, MSR, EMV mount, NFC, scanner, fingerprint reader,  and 10-, 15.6- or 20-inch customer-facing displays — all built to withstand the rigors of commercial and public use.

Along with the new Android I-Series for POS system, we are also announcing our new Flip Stand (patent pending). The Flip Stand allows users to transform a fixed tablet into a customer engagement platform. The Android I-Series for POS supports applications like kiosk self-service, loyalty program participation and customer signature capture, enabling retailers to get the most out of their technology investment. To keep the system and checkout counter clutter free, a POS expansion module can be embedded into the bottom of the Flip Stand, creating a connection hub to easily manage cables and enabling shared peripherals between POS terminals using Ethernet. In addition, Elo offers integrated peripherals that round out the POS solution, including encryptable MSR, barcode scanner, payment-ready NFC and EMV cradles. Elo’s hardware platform makes it easy to integrate POS essentials such as cash drawers, printers, scanners and payment terminals with versatile connectivity options.

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