May 18, 2022

How touchscreens and barcode scanners transformed this showroom

How touchscreens and barcode scanners transformed this showroom

Interior designers rely on Kravet as the source of high-end textiles they can use to transform a piece of furniture or an entire home. With thousands of fabrics to choose from, the client needed to find an easier way to make their textiles more accessible. The company decided to create a new type of showroom it calls the Workspace to provide such a solution.

One of the focuses of this concept was how to create an incredibly efficient shopping experience for our designers," said Jesse Lazarus, Chief Process and Innovation Officer at Kravet. "The idea is that a designer should be able to come in with their project, spread out, and feel like they can make this a working office space for themselves.

Over the worktables running down the center of the room, the Elo Touchscreen monitors with integrated barcode scanners hang from the ceiling. They can be swiveled into place so that one designer or an entire team can browse through the company's entire inventory.

These touchscreen monitors, manufactured by Elo, are incredibly versatile and rugged. They can scan the barcode on every fabric sample, allowing the designer to access pricing information and other relevant product details quickly. They can tell at a glance what additional colors the fabric comes in and search for other fabric patterns that are a perfect color match.

There are also large format touchscreen monitors on the walls where designers can look at furnishings and other items offered by the company. Kravet calls this feature, the designer’s peg board where they may design their products interactively.

To create this new type of showroom, Kravet worked with Bryan Meszaros, CEO of OpenEye Global. His experience design agency focuses on ways to create meaningful interactions with customers. He noted that the technology behind the solution needed to be as easy to use as a smartphone. He immediately thought of Elo.

We have worked with Elo in the past, and we thought that they were a perfect partner to work with based upon the durability that was needed for this environment," he said. "It's very hands-on. The touchscreens are not stationary; they're moving around.

Lazarus said the reception to the high-tech showroom has been "beyond anything we had projected. People seem to love the ability to come into the welcoming space, sit down, and work on their projects. We see people engaging with the touchscreen devices and barcode scanners on a regular basis. We are really seeing the value it creates for them as they work through the space."

This solution provided a workplace for designers that keeps them at the showroom engaging with more textiles more often. And with thousands of SKUs being easily accessed, you can imagine how this type of solution can impact sales and your bottom line.

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