1099L 10" Outdoor Open Frame

Outdoor kiosk ready.

Elo's 10-inch outdoor monitor, boasting 1000 NITs
brightness and IK09 vandal-proof rating, ensures 24/7
performance, even in direct sunlight. Readable with
polarized sunglasses, it thrives in extended temperatures.
Ideal for payment systems, signage, and charging stations,
this brilliant, optically bonded weatherproof monitor
features edge-to-edge glass for seamless outdoor
enclosure integration.

Ready for industrial
& commercial use.

Built-in Thermal

Compliant with
UL-60950 & IK-09

& Nema 4x

OEM Life Cycle

Ready for
24/7 Use

*requires integration into an enclosure

10-inch weather­proof
touchscreen that covers
you from day to night.

Built to perform outdoors, Elo’s 1099 weatherproof
monitor offers IP66 and NEMA 4X when integrated
into an enclosure as well as IK09 impact protection.
With extended operating temperatures from -20 to
60 degrees Celsius, the integrated outdoor digital
signage display can withstand harsh physical and
thermal requirements.

Sunlight readable monitor.

To provide unmitigated performance from day to night, the
ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display’s
brightness to optimize power consumption, extend the life
of the display and enhance the viewing experience.

Outdoor kiosk

Elo’s 1099L outdoor monitor enables
you to create reliable outdoor kiosks that
will capture audiences and differentiate
your sunlight readable outdoor display.

  • Charging Stations
  • Payment & Ticketing
  • Vending Machine
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Order Pickup Lockers

Simplify kiosk deployment
and management.

Transform Elo touchscreens into an affordable, scalable,
single-architecture media platform with EloView® and the
Android Backpack. With simplified content-delivery and
remote-management capabilities, managing isolated
outdoor kiosks out-of-the-box is simplified.

Powerful computing.

The Elo Backpack delivers a powerful, commercial-
grade Android 10 compute engine designed to simplify
the deployment of content, websites and Android-
based apps across your interactive experiences.
Purpose-built to fit in compact spaces, the Elo Backpack
boasts a small footprint in both size and weight to
secure inside any kiosk with the built-in VESA mount.
Scaling Elo’s commercial Android platform across sizes
and form factors has never been easier.

Take advantage of
Elo's feature-rich
Android ecosystem.

With easy-to-use development kits, robust
management tools, world-class life cycle management,
and a comprehensive security model, Elo helps
companies deliver the convenience and familiarity of
Android interfaces in a secure, business-friendly way.

Touch thru glass
enabled with PCAP.

Our TouchPro® PCAP technology supports touch-thru
functionality for installations requiring a front layer of
glass up to 6 mm thick or outdoor touchscreen kiosk
solutions requiring adherence to specific IP/IK ratings.
Whether you need a flush-mounted display or one fully
encased in glass, our robust PCAP touchscreen is
purpose-built for outdoor durability.

Flexibility for your install.

Elo’s waterproof touchscreen monitor can be mounted
in landscape, portrait and upward facing orientations,
providing optimal flexibility for integrating in any
counter, kiosk or cabinet design. Whether end users are
viewing up close or from a distance, with or without
polarized sunglasses, our optically bonded outdoor
digital signage display offers what you need while
maintaining optimal clarity for the viewing experience.








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