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  • Touchtech Endless-aisle: Touchtech Endless-aisle offers customer instant access to your entire catalog, digitally in-store.
  • Touchtech Lima: Touchtech Lima turns your presentations, brochures, images, websites and more, to life in an amazing interactive experience. This #superpresenter solution is perfect for promoting your products, services, and brand.


Touchtech is the industry leader in design and development of interactive software solutions. Established in 2008 in Sweden, Touchtech has created multiple high-impact and engaging multi-user applications for many global brands including, Eton, Volvo, and Ericsson.
Touchtech’s commitment to excellence and their endless pursuit to enhance how people socially interact with technology has defined them as forefront leaders in the interactive software industry.

Applicable Products:
  • Open Frame Touchscreens:
    90-Series Wide-Aspect Ratio
    Large Format Wide-Aspect Ratio
  • Touchscreen Computers:
    I-Series for Windows
  • Touchscreen Signage:
    Small Format Touchscreen Signage: I-Series for Windows
    Large Format Touchscreen Signage