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Vertical Markets
  • QSR/Fast Casual/Restaurants
  • Banking
  • Petroleum & Convenience
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Stadiums and Large Venues
  • Cloud Services
  • Managed services
  • Device Management & Diagnostics
  • Alternative Payment Methods (APM’s)
  • Global eCommerce
  • Payment Services
  • Gateways
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)
  • Countertop Devices
  • PIN pads
  • Multilane Devices
  • Kiosk and Unattended Solutions
  • EMV Pump
  • Portables
  • Transportables
  • Integrated POS


You know your business better than anyone, and we know payments better than anyone. At Verifone, it’s our mission to make it simple to revolutionize customer journeys by providing a single, unified, global platform that enables seamless payment experience – anywhere, anytime, with any payment method. We consistently solve the world’s most complex payment challenges, and there’s a reason why 46% of global non-cash transactions are processed on Verifone systems and solutions. This means that not only can we provide a wide array of globally popular physical payment terminals such as POS devices, self-order kiosks, kitchen management systems, pump EMV, and more, but we also offer world-class Verifone Cloud Services, making us your trusted one-stop payments partner.

Applicable Products:
  • Devices:
    Verifone’s world-class hardware sets the standard for payments excellence. From POS, mPOS, Countertops, PIN pads, Multilane, Kiosk and Unattended, EMV pump, Portables, Transportables, Integrated POS, and more, our devices have been market-tested to fit any business need time and time again.
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  • Cloud Services:
    Verifone’s Cloud Services are a suite of products and services that create the ultimate safety net to empower you to run and grow your business, while making the complex world of payments simple and seamless. Our Cloud Services provide you with everything you need to run your devices, securely collect and process payments, view device health and business insights across whole fleets of devices, empower Alternative Payment Methods, take and process global e-commerce and omnichannel payments, and more.
  • Managed Services:
    You know your business better than anyone, but managing the complex landscape of technologies, services and compliance required to support your payments systems is demanding. Simplify the complex with Verifone Managed Services - an expanded menu of the services you need to keep your business running smoothly morning, noon and night. Making it simple for you so you can take care of business is our number one priority.