The COACh® V (Controller On A Chip, 5th generation) is a compact universal resistive touchscreen controller chip solution. It supports both serial and USB communication interfaces and is capable of interfacing to AccuTouch® five-wire resistive touchscreens.

Works two ways

The COACh V works through an RS232-style serial interface or via USB with auto-detection. If configured for USB operation the COACh V is classified as self powered.

Fully Optimized

Regardless of the configuration, operation is automatically detected on power up and needs no user intervention. The COACh V fully supports the Elo SmartSet protocol and all program drivers, both serial and USB.

Additional Features
  • On-board calibration, coordinate scaling, and programmable output rates allow for application-specific performance tuning
  • Conversion time approximately 10 ms per coordinate set
  • Improved measurement algorithm eliminates the need for touch filter adjustments
  • Full AccuTouch SmartSet protocol
  • Multiple output formats: Binary or ASCII
  • E261-280, E271-140, E281A-4002 compatibility modes


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