IntelliTouch® 2701 Series Controller (single touch) (Discontinued April 2024)
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The Elo Touch Solutions IntelliTouch controllers are designed to work specifically with IntelliTouch SAW touchscreens. Building technology with coordinating components enables a much smoother design and user experience.

Works two ways

The 2701 series controller is a single touch unit that works through serial interface or via USB. It is a full-speed, self-powered, USB device. By default, the controller communicates over a RS-232 serial link. If, however, a USB cable is connected, the controller switches to an exclusively USB communicating mode.

Fully Optimized

Elo’s IntelliTouch controllers are designed and manufactured to work specifically with IntelliTouch SAW touchscreens for optimal performance. The controller maintains a no-touch reference signal. This reference signal is continuously updated to adapt to electronic drift and effects of contamination such as dirt and scratches. The live signal is compared to the reference signal to detect touches.



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