TouchPro Display Modules

TouchPro Display Modules

Elo's Touchscreen Display Modules combine industry-leading touch screens with liquid crystal displays (LCDs) - all in one embedded solution to help streamline your supply chain and simplify assembly.
The robust chemically strengthened cover glass with anti-glare treatment makes them well suited for deployment in a wide variety of commercial and industrial environments - from factory automation and medical displays to commercial kitchen equipment.
Available in standard sizes ranging from 7 to 15.6-inches and custom options up to 32-inches, Elo’s touchscreen display modules offer superior touch performance in harsh environments, excellent optical clarity, and robust EMI performance.

Endless Versatility

  • Industrial IoT


  • Gaming & Entertainment

    Gaming &

  • Building Automation


  • Healthcare


  • Outdoor


Available Sizes

  • Custom Up to 32-inch

    Up to 32-inch

  • 7-inch


  • 10.1-inch


  • 15.6-inch


How it Works

How it Works

With a TouchPro Pro-F PCAP touch screen and chip-on-flex (COF) touch controller bonded to a commercial grade LCD, Elo’s Touchscreen Display Modules deliver reliability that is ready for integration.

Customize Your TDM

From design and engineering to prototyping and production, partner with Elo to create your touchscreen display module. By leveraging our premium PCAP touch screens, display expertise and LCD buying power, Elo can help you develop the perfect touch enabled display for your application.
  • LCD
    Choose: Resolution, Brightness, Temperature Range, Viewing Angle, Interface
  • PCAP Touch Screen
    PCAP Touch Screen
    Choose: Film, Glass, Metal Mesh
  • Cover Glass
    Cover Glass
    Choose: Custom sizes, shapes, edge treatments, holes and cut-outs, Materials (strengthened glass, safety glass, PMMA) Surface treatments, Border (colors, logos, icons, IR transmissive windows)
  • Display Enhancements
    Display Enhancements
    Choose: IR blockers, UV filters, Sunlight readable
  • Bonding
    Choose: Perimeter Bond, Optical Bond, Tape Bond
  • Touch Controller
    Touch Controller
    Choose: Wide variety of touch IC’s and form factors, Performance tuning for water and contaminants, Suitable for thick cover glass or overlays, Other application specific tuning as requested


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