Elo and the Environment.

E-Waste Recycling Program

Elo’s Commitment To the Environment

Elo is committed to promoting a cleaner environment in which electronic products should be recycled and not end up in landfills. All Elo’s electronic parts and e-waste collected by our recycling partner(s) will be recycled or reused in compliance with federal, state, and local laws, including WEEE and Battery regulations. Currently, Elo has recycling arrangements in place in the following regions:


We recommend Customers refer to the “The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Guidelines for Media Sanitization NIST Special Publication 800-88 to manage data sanitizing or destruction”.

NIST recommends three different ways to “sanitize” a hard drive:



Overwriting the entire drive with new data so that the old data is no longer readable by a computer, although it may be possible to retrieve some data in a laboratory using signal processing equipment and specially trained personnel.


Removing the data at a more fundamental level, either using the drive’s own controller electronics to carry out the task, or by degaussing (placing the drive in a machine that generates a strong magnetic field). Purging should remove all traces of data so that it is impossible to recover even if the storage medium is analyzed in a laboratory.


Physical destruction can be accomplished using a variety of methods, including disintegration, incineration, pulverizing, shredding, and melting.

For Media Sanitization instructions, please see NIST Special Publication 800-88 (Guidelines for Media Sanitization), Section 5 - “Summary of Sanitization Techniques” and Appendix A - “Minimum Sanitization Recommendations for Media Containing Data”.

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