Elo M60 Pay Mobile POS System

Accept payments anytime. Anywhere.

Designed to support your everyday business, the Elo M60 Pay delivers an enterprise-grade, Android mobile point of sale system ready
to help you assist customers.

Elo M60 and Phone

Point of sale on the go.

The M60 Pay offers built-in mPOS capabilities to accept payments, conduct business, and track sales all from the palm of your hand.

Elo M60 accepting a credit card payment Elo M60 accepting a credit card payment

Brilliant 6-inch display.

Complete with a 6-inch HD touch display, integrated payment, flexible Android 10 OS and Qualcomm 660 octa-core processor, the handheld pos computer provides seamless integration, effortless provisioning and simplified device management via EloView or your preferred 3rd‑party MDM.

Elo M60 Screen Display Elo M60 Screen Display

Pin-on-Glass PCI-PTS 6.0

Elo M60 Pin-on-Glass

Android 10 with GMS

Elo M60 Android 10 with GMS

Integrated Payment EMV, MSR & Contactless

Elo M60 Payment Integration - EMV, MSR and Contactless

Choose the model
that fits your business.

Are you looking for a cellular or Wi-Fi enabled mobile computer? Do you want an integrated 2D barcode scanner? The M60 Pay has been designed to offer the configuration your business needs.

Front of Elo M60 Back of Elo M60
Payment processing screen of Elo M60

Payment processing.

L1 and L2 Certified: The Elo Pay API allows you to easily integrate the M60 in your payment process.

L3 Certified: Elo Pay does the processor certifications for you so you can easily setup your M60 devices to accept payments.

*Select processors available.

Payment processing screen on Elo M60

Elo Pay.

Elo Pay offers comprehensive payment services enabling clients to process transactions with confidence using Elo's L3-certified payment app and Terminal Management Services.

Credit card being swiped in the Elo M60 Credit card being swiped in the Elo M60

Dip. Tap. Swipe.

Accept all forms of payment with the M60 Pay POS terminal. Whether your customers have a physical card or contactless via their mobile phone, the M60 Pay has you covered wherever your customers are – in line, at the counter, table-side or in their seat.

Elo M60 reading a credit card using the chip reader Elo M60 reading a credit card using the chip reader

EMV Insert cards with chips.

Elo M60 reading a credit card by swiping the mag stripe

MSR Swipe cards with mag stripes.

Elo M60 reading a credit card via nfc contactless payment

NFC Tap contactless payment cards and devices.

M60 attached to the DS11 Docking Station and Elo USB-C Touchscreen monitor M60 attached to the DS11 Docking Station and Elo USB-C Touchscreen monitor

From mobile to fixed POS.

Use your handheld pos terminal with the DS11 Docking Station to create a seamless customer-facing display that accepts payment. Now that's versatility.*

*Requires an EM10 Expansion Module and Elo USB-C Touchscreen Monitor.

M60 attached to the DS11 Docking Station and Elo USB-C Touchscreen monitor
2D barcode scanner on the Elo M60 2D barcode scanner on the Elo M60

Fast & easy

With the 2D barcode scanner, you can do it all to keep your operations running smoothly. From price checking and taking inventory to line-busting and BOPIS – you’re covered.

Battery life to cover your shift.

With a 12-hour battery life*, you don’t have to worry about having backups to support constant rotation. And with the quick charge feature, your handheld pos terminal can be fully powered in just about an hour.

*Exact battery life depends on use

Back of Elo M60




Elo M60 front Elo M60 back

Rugged mobile computer.

The mobile pos hardware is purpose-built to endure commercial use with features including:

  • Corning Gorilla Glass

  • IP54

  • Drop Resistant (1 m)

One device for everything.

Whether you are accepting payment, taking inventory or supporting curbside pickup, Elo’s portable pos computer delivers one device to run your business.

M60 being used at a table in a restaurant

Pay at the Table

M60 being used at a retail store checkout

Mobile POS

Employee using M60 near a car

Line Busting

Employee holding M60 while handing customer a bag

Curbside Pickup/

M60 scanning a barcode in a grocery store

Price Checker

M60 scanning a box in a warehouse


M60 with shipments displayed on screen


M60 scanning a ticket barcode on a phone


*Select applications require use of the barcode scanner.

Android device management made easy.

With EloView, you can deploy and securely manage your entire network of Android-powered Elo devices from anywhere in the world.

  • Provision your devices in seconds with a seamless out‑of‑the‑box experience.

  • Leverage Elo Home to create a customized (locked-down) interface on your mobile POS android device. Deploy a package of apps, Google apps included, and set specific apps available to admins only.

  • Manage battery life with ease – view up-to-date battery statistics directly on the device or manage your entire fleet directly from EloView.

EloView displayed on an Elo M60
Man's hand holding the M60 displaying the Elo device set up screen

Elo EssentialEdge

The tools you need to seamlessly integrate Elo mobile solutions into your business.

EloCare℠ OS 360: Elo will provide security updates through Android 12. Learn more

Seamless Provisioning: Leverage EloView, Google Zero Touch or scan a QR code to integrate with your choice of MDM provider.

Elo OEMConfig: Get immediate support of Elo’s proprietary APIs on your favorite Android MDM platforms, saving you months of time as new releases become available.

EloCare provides service and support from the people who know your Elo products best.


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