September 28, 2023

How Handhelds Are Transforming Retail

How Handhelds Are Transforming Retail

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As retail continues to evolve with the demands of modern consumers, handhelds are becoming an indispensable tool for businesses worldwide. Their rise in popularity is evidence of how they are redefining the shopping experience, making every store visit smoother and more personalized for customers.

Today, it’s becoming increasingly common to spot store associates armed with these efficient devices. The power they hold is equivalent to, if not surpassing, the capabilities of the self-order kiosks seen in fast-food chains and the price-checkers prevalent in large-scale retail stores.

Revolutionizing In-Store Experience Handhelds have transformed the way staff interact with customers. Let's say a customer is looking for a particular product, but it's not available in their desired size or color. Instead of the customer leaving disappointed, a store associate can quickly check the inventory using the handheld, and if needed, place an order either for in-store pickup or direct delivery to the customer's address, processing the payment with the tap of a card to the handheld. This seamless interaction ensures customers leave the store satisfied, associating positive experiences with the brand.

The Game-Changing Versatility of Handhelds
Handhelds are incredibly versatile, benefiting a wide range of retailers:

  • High-End Retailers: Handhelds enable staff to offer an elevated shopping experience. From helping customers locate specific items to offering recommendations based on preferences, these devices make every interaction more efficient. And when it's time to make a purchase, the process is expedited with all items already scanned and ready for checkout.
  • Boutiques: For smaller retailers, handhelds are a boon. They serve as a multi-functional tool, point-of-sale system, inventory manager, and customer-service enhancer. With the ability to assist customers directly on the shop floor and even process payments, boutique owners can now offer a shopping experience on par with that of larger retailers.
The Advantages are Endless
Beyond sales and inventory, handhelds provide several benefits:

  • Real-Time Inventory Updates: Handhelds allow staff to scan products and get instant updates on stock levels, ensuring shelves are continually replenished in time.
  • Training and Resources: Handhelds can be used for training purposes, with easy access to onboarding materials and other resources. This ensures staff are continuously updated about the latest product promotions, price changes, and adjustments to store protocols.
  • Advanced Features: Some handhelds, such as the M50 and M60 Pay, can even be connected to docking stations, creating a mobile-to-fixed POS terminal solution. Other optional accessories like trigger-gun handles allow for faster and more efficient scanning.

Elevating the Customer Journey Handhelds undoubtedly elevate the overall customer journey. They streamline shopping, from reducing wait times at checkout to ensuring customers always find what they're looking for.

Previously, retailers would need multiple devices to achieve what a single handheld can do today. Their portability and multifunctionality have revolutionized the retail space. Customers no longer need to wait in long queues or feel disappointed about out-of-stock items. At the same time, staff are empowered to offer personalized assistance, enriching the customer's overall shopping experience.

Handhelds aren't just a passing trend; they're the future of retail. As businesses continue to strive for excellence and aim to offer unparalleled shopping experiences, these devices will play an increasingly crucial role. They're more than just a tool; they're a testament to how technology can seamlessly blend with human interaction to create memorable retail experiences.

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By John Lamb