EloPOS Z20 for Android.

Built on Elo’s unified architecture, the EloPOS Z20 delivers a powerful and elegant point‑of‑sale system. Complete with an interactive display, integrated connectivity hub, contained cable routing, Android 10 OS and optional interactive customer-facing display, the EloPOS Z20 brings everything you need to the point of sale.

Image shown with optional CFD

Choose a 10‑ or 15‑inch
interactive POS system.

From full service to self-service.

Easily flip your employee facing display to provide customers with a self-service kiosk.

Take accessories to the edge.

With the Elo Edge Connect system, you can seamlessly attach any combination of peripherals to the edge of the touchscreen. And you can add or move them later as your needs change.

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display for customers.

Offer your customers a point of interaction to review transactions, participate in loyalty programs and see the latest promotions with the customer-facing touchscreen display.

Integrated I/O From payment devices and scanners
to a cash drawer and printer, there is room
for everything you need at point of sale.

Conceal Your Cables Keep your counter clean with the
integrated cable routing system.

Single Cable Connection Connect a secondary display with
a single USB‑C cable that provides
touch, video and power.

Secure it.

The Z20 is designed to stay in place
without being secured, but if
permanent mounting is required,
easily affix your POS terminal to any
counter or surface.

Commercial-grade performance.

Whether equipped with the Qualcomm
Snapdragon 8-core Kryo processor or the
Rockchip 6-core processor, the EloPOS Z20 for
Android delivers the performance your
point-of-sale system needs.

Create your perfect POS system.

From integrated I/O and a customer-facing display to concealed cable routing, Elo’s modular point of sale solutions can be tailored to fit any business.

I/O EloPOS Z10 EloPOS Z20 EloPOS Z30
4x USB-A 3.0
Cash Drawer Port*
24V powered USB
Edge Connect Ports**
Main Display
I-Series 4
I-Series 4 Slate
Secondary Display
Mount for CFD

*RJ12 (serial/cash drawer) **On I‑Series 4

EloPOS Z10

Compatible with the 15‑inch I‑Series Slate


  • Ethernet

  • 4x USB-A 3.0

Secondary Display

  • Optional 7-inch CFD.

EloPOS Z20

Compatible with the 10‑ & 15‑inch I‑Series 4


  • Ethernet

  • 4x USB-A 3.0

  • Cash Drawer Port*

  • USB‑C

  • Edge Connect Ports**

Secondary Display

  • Optional 10‑, 13‑ or 15‑inch CFD.

EloPOS Z30

Compatible with the 15‑inch I‑Series Slate.


  • Ethernet

  • 4x USB-A 3.0

  • Cash Drawer Port*

  • 24V powered USB

  • USB‑C (non-CFD model)

Secondary Display

  • Choose integrated CFD; or no CFD in stand.

*RJ12 (serial/cash drawer) **On I‑Series 4

Get enterprise support with Elo EssentialEdge.

With easy-to-use development kits, robust management tools, world class life cycle management and security, Elo can help you deliver the convenience and familiarity of Android interfaces in a secure, business-friendly way.

OS 360 – Take advantage of monthly security updates to keep your devices secure.

Seamless Provisioning – Leverage EloView or Google Zero Touch to easily set up your device.

Elo OEMConfig – Get Elo’s proprietary APIs on your preferred Android MDM platform, saving months of effort as new releases become available.

Android device management made easy.

EloView allows you to deploy and securely manage your entire network of Android-powered Elo devices from anywhere in the world.

  • Remotely deploy content and manage your devices securely.

  • Provision your devices in seconds with a seamless out-of-the-box experience.

  • Leverage Elo Home to create a customized interface on your I‑Series device.

Retailers across the globe rely on Elo's POS Solutions everyday.

Your success is our success. We work side-by-side to help ensure selection, deployment and updates are executed properly so you can focus on your business.


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Upgrades, add-ons, and more.
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Elo Edge Connect™ Status Light

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Power-over-Ethernet (POE) Module (For I-Series 4)

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Elo Edge Connect™ 2D Barcode Scanner (SE4107 & SE4720)

Image of item

EMV Cradles

Image of item

Elo Edge Connect™ Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR)

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Elo Edge Connect™ Fingerprint Scanner

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Elo Edge Connect™ 3D Camera

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Elo Edge Connect™ Webcam

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Android Expansion Module

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Elo Edge Connect™ Speaker Bar



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